Casual Pants-Khaki


No matter if you are about to attend a business meeting or planning to spend a night with friends, this Men’s Autumn Cotton Trousers from Yuzhaolin will ensure that you are able to create a perfect impression in every application. The trousers are made from premium quality cotton and a three dimensional cutting technology is used in their construction which allows them to fit perfectly, especially on Asian men. The cotton used in the construction of these pants is hypoallergenic and has anti-wrinkling and anti-aging properties to ensure that the pants are able to retain their appearance over an extended period of time.
While a lot of trousers hook the crotch and result in discomfort when worn for longer durations, the Autumn Cotton Trouser uses a golden ratio which ensures that your crotch area stays in a comfortable, sweat-free condition throughout the day. The pant adjusts as per the contours of your legs and has a large calf circumference with a perfect closing to allow you to freely move your legs without any constriction. The pants are soft on the skin and are stitched with the help of high-density car line technology that allow the pants to retain their structure even when worn and washed on a regular basis. Moreover, the pants are fade-resistant to ensure that overexposure to external elements doesn’t damage the stylish appearance of the pants.
The cotton trousers feature a high quality resin button-closure and copper zippers. It has a total of five pockets, two on the sides, two at the back and a small coin pocket above the left side-pocket. Available in multiple colors, the pants can be machine washed and tumble dried.

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