Casual Shorts- Black


These beach trousers are a great choice for men who are in for a game of tennis or planning to visit a casual neighborhood barbecue. Combine these Shorts with a snug Tee and a pair of trainers.
A staple summer wear, these Markless casual Shorts are right around the kneecap, maybe, even higher based on your height and leg muscles.
Available in the classic color black, these casual shorts are an incredible requirement in every man’s wardrobe. Until the century, men felt awkward to wear shorts. In fact, they only wore shorts for a session of tennis as it was regularly considered part of school uniforms.
However, that’s not the case today. Casual Shorts has become an inevitable trend and many wear trousers at casual occasions such as backyard barbecues, tennis or even at office environments in modern America and Europe.
It comes with an artistic hem on the inseam which, when cuffed up, gives a distinctive look for you. You will also find a button and a loop to prevent movement of the cuffed up shorts.
These casual shorts are made using that have multiple benefits. For instance, cotton keeps the skin cool and is absolutely allergen-free.
Available in different sizes, Markless offers great discount deals on this item without compromising on the quality of the product.

Key Features:
Best suited for casual wear
Is manufactured using cotton/linen mix
Is water-resistant and absorbs moisture easily
Eligible for returns, if not happy

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